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Philips Norelco razors

Philips began making electric razors in 1939 and in the early 1940's began marketing them in the US under the name Norelco due to a trade name dispute with Philco. In 2005 they began using the trade name of Philips Norelco to market in the US. Philips Norelco Razors come in many different models with features ranging from the very basic to the most advanced.

Philips Norelco razors can be found in many different price ranges depending on the features desired. There is an option for any budget and personal taste. Philips Razors are one of the most popular brands in the US today. Here is a short list of many of the most popular Razors.

Senso touch 3d

This is one of Phillips Norelco's newest and some say best
shaving system yet. most can be used either wet or dry or
even with shaving cream. It is lightweight and very flexible
requiring fewer strokes to complete your shave. Unfortunately
this is not the least expensive option when you choose a shaving

Senso touch with Gyro flex 2d

adjusts easily to the contours of your face and gives a
close shave. Many users have commented on the ease of use
and simplicity in cleaning up afterwards especially with the
jet clean system

Nivea for men

the main difference in this model is the built in moisturizing
system. This shaving system will apply a shaving conditioner
that protects your skin with vitamin E and provitamin B5
which conditions the skin during shaving.

8200 series

This series is rechargeable It is quiet and mess free one charge
can last up to a week it can be used with or without the cord.
Unfortunately many models in this series have no charge indicator
or cleaning console.

7000 series

This line of shavers features super lift and cut technology
the blades sharpen themselves to ensure a close shave every
time. This system is easy to use and is cordless.

6000 series

Is a good inexpensive shaving system without all the bells
and whistles but will get the job done without the higher cost
of other models.

Whether you need a Razor with many options and functions or simply need a basic Razor. Philips Norelco razors are superb in their functions.  These Razors are designed to be simple to use and last many years if properly maintained.  Be sure you follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance and you will not be disappointed.

You can be at ease in purchasing any of these or any other Philips Norelco product as they all have a reputation for quality and close shaves. Norelco Razors have been time tested and proven an ability to give a clean close shave under many conditions. Order your Electric Razors with confidence as they will always perform to the advertised standards and have many satisfied users throughout the US and abroad.